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Allowing restricted group of stranded expats returning with prior approval with institutional quarantine

Allowing restricted group of stranded expats returning with prior approval with institutional quarantine

While the Ministry of Health is working on a daily assessment on the pandemic situation and its spread of the Coronavirus, a government study is underway to prepare on organizing and regulating the gradual return of expats from abroad during the coming period, including those expats stranded in 31 restricted countries their health checks on the one hand and the requirements of state sectors wheel of the economy moving on the other hand, similar to what other countries have followed and benefited from their experiences.

The Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Minister of State for Economic Affairs, Maryam Al-Aqeel, and in coordination with the relevant authorities, is working on preparing this study and laying down the rules and regulations governing the gradual return of expatriates who have valid residency in the country.

She stated that as per research conducted limited expats will be returning which the state sectors needs, with prior coordination with concerned authorities.

A clear mechanism to register expats who wish to return will need to register and obtain approval according to the categories that will be allowed to enter in the first stage along with a mechanism of quarantine which will be in parallel to governments vision to address the imbalance of the labor market and its impact on the demographic composition.

According to the sources, the categories which will be allowed to enter will be subject to institutional quarantine as per the proposal put forward as work is being done to coordinate between Directorate General of Civil Aviation and relevant authorities taking into consideration the capacity that will be available to receive expats reports Al-Rai. Priority will be given to those expats who will be listed in most important groups.

On the implementation of other requirements the most important of which is the necessity for those coming to obtain a PCR examination certificate proving that they are free of the virus.

The study will take into account all aspects with priority for health aspects as well as keeping the economy moving.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has updated its procedures for expats coming to the Kingdom, the travelers have to sign a commitment of health requirements and will have to abide by home quarantine for a period of 7 days from the date of arrival in the Kingdom.

Source: Arab times kuwait

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