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Kuwait Three new Oil discoveries announced in Kuwait

Kuwait Three new oil discoveries announced in Kuwait Kuwaiti Minister of Oil and Minister of Electricity and Water Dr. Mohammad Al-Faris today announced the discovery of two new oil fields for the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) in different regions of the country, in addition to the discovery of the extension for the northern part of the Great Burgan field within the framework of the development operations

Kuwait MOI extended deadline for residence violators to amend their status

MOI To extend the deadline for residence violators who wish to amend their status. The deadline was till 31st Dec 2020, now it has been extended to the end of January 2021 to give another opportunity to residency violators to amend their status. Residence violators who have not amended their status will be subjected to penalties. The violators will be deported and will not be allowed to return.

Kuwait to stop renewing residency permits for expats over 60 years of age

From Monday, the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) will begin implementing the decision to stop renewing residency permits for expats above the age of 60 who hold a secondary degree or below, Al Qabas reported. The decision will be enforced without any exemptions as the country is keen on addressing the demographic imbalance that has resulted in non-Kuwaitis making up 70 percent of Kuwait’s population. The source pointed out that although the decision will be strictly implemented, those who are above the age of 60 but hold a university degree will not be required to leave the country as long as they have a family, a valid work permit, or own a commercial business. In addition, a family member can sponsor his/her parents under the family visa law. Source: Gulfnews

Airport re-open from Jan 2, 2021. Direct entry ban for 35 countries to continue.

MOH will follow the same previous steps in entering those coming into the country after lifting the closure of the the airport on January 2, which is that those coming from the 35 banned countries need to be quarantined for two weeks in any non-banned country and provide a PCR certificate. The ban on direct entry from 35 countries will be continued The sources told that vaccination is currently not a condition for entry into the country for arriving passengers. Meanwhile, the Minister of Health denies the discovery of the mutated Coronavirus in Kuwait.

MOH: Asthma patients must stay at home

The Ministry of Health has called on patients with asthma and respiratory problems not to leave their homes except for most urgent work, because this is the time of the year when the weather conditions in the entire region fluctuates which can cause irritation to asthma patients especially those suffering from respiratory problems. The Ministry published, on its Twitter account, instructions and advice for patients with asthma and respiratory system to carry a bronchodilator at all times and to use it when necessary if the doctor prescribes it for you. The Ministry also said such patients must go immediately to the nearest health center or hospital in the event the emergency spray does not respond and the symptoms are severe

Visa expiry extended till November 30th for those inside Kuwait

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Anas Al-Saleh, today, Wednesday, issued a ministerial decision No. “59/2020” to provide a 3-month automatic extension of the residence and visit visa, which will expire at the end of this August. The extension will be from September, 1st and will expire on November 30th. This decision applies to all stranded residents who are inside Kuwait only. Expatriates, who are inside Kuwait with an expired residency, or those in all kinds of visa, which is expired can benefit from this. Authorities call on all sponsors and employers to amend the conditions of their sponsored expats, and complete the renewal of residencies at the earliest. This can be done either through the online system or from the depa...

Kuwait MoE approves remote learning for all stages in coming semester

Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education Dr. Saud Al-Harbi on Tuesday approved a decision to leverage the remote learning system across all educational .stages in the coming semester The decision allies to all public and private-run main schools, and religious and thematic schools, according to a press release from the Ministry. It is subject to revision in November in the light of the public health conditions, the statement added. KUNA

97,612 Expats Above 60 Yrs Of Age Will Not Be Able To Renew Their Residence

Statistics issued by the Public Authority for Civil Information show there are 97,612 expatiates who have reached the age of 60 and above and renewal of their residence as of permits will not be possible because they hold only higher secondary certificates, lower education or no education at all, reports Al-Seyassah daily. This coincides with the law which is expected to be enforced from Jan 1, 2021. The statistics also show there are 15,502 expatriate who are 60 years and above have university degrees. It also shows the total number of bedoun who hold Diploma Certificate is 99,720 and those holding higher secondary certificate are 279,045 person.

New law for transfer of residence from one sponsor to another

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 24: The Director General of the Public Authority for Manpower, Ahmed Al-Mousa, announced new requirements related to the transfer of workers from one employer to another. As per the new instructions was issued by the Minister of Social Affairs and the Minister of State for Economic Affairs, Maryam Al-Aqeel, and to have control on the labor market and the keeping control on demographics, the authority has set new requirements related to the transfer of work permit of employees, as per resolution No. 529 of 2020 which was issued for the amendment of resolution No. 842 of 2015 regarding requirements for the transfer of employees from one sponsor to another. The decision is related to the transfer of employees from the private sector to the sector Government sector, taking int...

Child residency can transfer to Mothers sponsorship

General Administration of Residency Affairs has reversed its earlier decision to stop transferring child residency to their mothers in the event that the father leaves the country permanently or his residency expires while outside the country, or even in the event of his death. As per the new instructions, given to the residency affairs departments, the residency of a child can be transferred to the sponsorship of their mothers residing in the country. However, the mother should meet the conditions for the rules of joining the family, the most important of which is the salary requirement of 500 dinars. However, the female teachers working in the Ministry of Education, nursing staff in the Ministry of Health, and female doctors working in the General Directorate of Criminal Evidence are ent...

Indian Ambassador made a surprise visit to the Passport outsourcing centres at Jleeb

Indian Ambassador to Kuwait Sri Sibi George made a surprise visit to the Passport outsourcing centres at Jleeb. Ambassador interacted with the community members and enquired their issues and problems faced mainly in terms of various facilities and service while renewing the Passport and related services. Earlier in the last week open house meeting, community associations had brought the issue of various difficulties faced on Passport related services. Ambassador had personally promised to look into those issues. The surprise visit to the outsourcing centres is believed to be his positive steps towards solving the problems faced by the community members. It is learned that he had instructed the outsourcing centres to complete the processing of each application on the same day itself and to ...

Two more locations to collect Driving license; No more collection at Al-Nasr Sports Club

The General Traffic Department added two more new locations to collect driving licenses through automated machines. The new locations where the automated machines are now available are Souq Sharq and Al Khaima Mall in Jahra. At present, these machines are available at The Avenues, Marina Mall, and Al Kout Mall where citizens and expats can collect their driving license. The General Administration of Security Media and Relations at the Ministry of Interior said