Art classes with Children’s

Many children have a highly creative side and there is a lot you can do to develop this talent in your little ones. You will find an astounding variety of institutes that have courses on different types of performing arts, be it singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, storytelling, elocution, drawing, painting, origami, or even cooking. Some of the options that are the most popular with the kids include the following. Artspace CaféAddress: Salem Al Mubarak Street, Salmiya, Kuwait An institute that offers a wide variety of courses for children interested in honing their artistic skills, ArtSpace Café has after-school camps, winter camps, drawing classes and a lot more. Each workshop lasts for about two hours.


Lots of folks are spending part or even the whole summer in Kuwait. If you have kids this can be challenging because school is out and the weather is too hot to spend much time outside. Thankfully there are about a zillion summer camps available this summer with everything from art to soccer, swimming to English lessons. But if you still need ideas to keep the kiddos busy, we’ve come up with some ideas for summer fun. 1. Learn a new skill or sport. Ice skating, bowling, swimming or any indoor sport activity (karate, zumba, ballet, soccer, dance, etc.) Choose just one activity or sport for the kids to focus on learning well this summer. Some of these can be challenging so please make sure to wear appropriate safety gear or to have qualified instructors/coaches/lifeguards available...